Xscapers Annual Bash 2019

To say that this year’s Xscapers Annual Bash was epic would be an understatement.  

This year’s Annual Bash was beyond anything any of us could imagine. Even when we started planning ten months prior, we didn’t fully understand what it would become. It has surpassed what the original founders and attendees imagined four years ago during that original January gathering. This year’s Bash became a showcase of what Xscapers is and what it will be.

It was a tipping point.

Our New Home

We found a great new home with welcoming hosts in Lake Havasu. As we upped our game, we required more manpower. Around 50 volunteers pitched in to get it ready. This included striping the parking lot with over 300 pull through spots to make arrival day a breeze. The line of rigs never got past four or five before we had them safely tucked away in their cozy spots. Registration was handled with a team of volunteers that quickly made sure attendees received a swag bag and a booklet of the week’s activities. In the end, we had over 500 attendees show up for the week!

The first night really set a high bar for the week.  An awesome 80s band, Pop Gun Re-Run, took center stage and got the crowd super excited with some great classics.  Many of the revelers were decked out from head to toe in 80s costumes for the themed night.  When the band finished late at night, the party continued at the giant bonfire that shot into the sky 50 feet at some points.

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Sunday got the educational part of the week going, with some discussions on boondocking and saving water while we were dry camping. This was followed by the one of the many presentations and seminars that would highlight the week. The afternoon was a great for hanging out while listening to some relaxing, low-key music from fellow RVers with a bloody mary in hand. All the while, the kids (and some adults) wore themselves out on the 30-foot inflatable slide and bounce house.  

By Monday we were getting into a grove.  As with most Xscapers events, a portion of the daytime was left free for working while the afternoons were filled with presentations and activities.  A few of the key presentations included a solar primer, scaling a remote business, and a discussion on RV batteries. The nights were punctuated with fun events like the now famous guacamole contest, the inaugural Xscapers Olympics, board games and poker tournaments, open mic events, and even a rather spontaneous and hilarious Xscapers version of the dating game.

There were many late nights with some reports that the last person at the fire went to bed when the sun came up. Many great friendships were made and even a few relationships started in the seven days we were there. It was truly a remarkable time bringing 500 nomads together in the desert to form a community for a week. There were many first-time attendees that truly found their tribe and were only upset that they had not been to a convergence before. And there were a few who showed up and decided by the end of the week that Xscapers was not for them. That’s fine.

We don’t expect Xscapers to appeal to everyone. There were no major complaints, but if someone expected the Bash to be like your typical RV rally, they were in for a surprise! Xscapers is trying to avoid the typical. It was created to fill a gap that has grown in the RV community as more and more workers are taking their jobs remotely and exploring at the same time. Those RVers spend a lot of the week pent up inside and love to blow off steam with other likeminded RVers once in a while. I think it was best summed up when at 10:30 p.m. while riding on a mobile DJ platform through the crowd of hundreds bouncing and dancing in a scene of fog, lasers, and choreographed lights with 18,000 watts of music blaring through more than 10 speakers hanging from the ceiling in a room that would rival any of the rave clubs in Vegas, one partier was overheard shouting, 

“this ain't your grandma's RV rally”

If you know me, you’ll know my favorite statistic is how many people at a convergence made plans to travel afterward with another Xscaper they met at the convergence.  A whopping 80% of the 500 people at this year’s Annual Bash met others that they had a connection with and decided to meet up again down the road. That is absolutely amazing. The Xscapers events might only be a week, but the spirit and the friendships at those events continue on afterward.

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JP Smith - Xscapers Convergence Director

JP has been on the move full time for almost 20 years, working as a tour guide around the world and specializing in the national parks of America.  His travels have taken him to more than 75 countries and all 7 continents. An adventurer at heart, he’s walked across Spain, sailed the Virgin Islands,and  ridden a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina. Originally from Texas, he’s also lived in both New Zealand and Europe. About 5 years ago JP started living in a motorhome between trips as a tour guide.  He now lives full time in his motorhome, traveling the country organizing convergences for Xscapers!

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